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Creativity is motivated by our desire to share our stories, and to explore the legacies that emerge from our personal and shared histories.  Stories are also inspired by the journeys of our Ancestors; the landscapes we inhabit; and the worlds we imagine. These stories are expressed through visual culture; the moving image, performance, music, objects, and the spoken and written word. Creativity can be an incredibly healing process when we allow ourselves to use it as a vehicle of self reflectivity then express those findings. Finally, creativity is intelligence having fun, especially when we experience it together. 


P.D. Casely-Hayford

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Enjoy projects on visual culture including experimental film; documentary film; public art; theatre, film-theatre, storytelling and performance. Explore a collection of books and blogs from African and African diaspora women creative writers and bloggers. Also, we share fascinating creative community outreach projects by Laterally Creative and like-minded creative people. Most of the  material on this website is written and produced by Dr  Casely-Hayford [Phd, M.A] except where attributed to colleagues. Casely-Hayford’s creative and critical focus is visual culture, film, diaspora creativity, legacy and voice. The site also features articles and images from selected community organisations and creative practitioners.

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We live in a transnational world. Our diaspora experience is one of glancing back to our culture as we stride towards our destinations. This journey brings up an increasingly complex question. Where is home? Perhaps home is an imagined place. This changes with our shifting perception, life experience, remembering, and re-imagining culture.

Here are some publications by women writers of West African heritage that explore the diaspora experience, complexities of stepping out of our surroundings, and explore our notion of  home.

These include:

  • Jembe, the Journey Home;
  • An African Treasure, in Search of Gladys Casely-Hayford, 1904 - 1950;
  • When Freedom Kissed Her
  • Seeking Freedom

Creative community outreach projects harness the power of storytelling and self expression from local communities to  voice  their legacy and standpoints. Often the process of creating these projects is just as important as  the final works they produce. Here are some fascinating examples:

  • Women of Colour World Wide,  a creative writing community outreach, is located in Brooklyn, New York. Their upcoming anthology by women of colour writers from around the world, Boundaries & Borders, will publish women of colour’s stories from diverse locations and situations.
  • Cultural Remix: Sharing the Sacred: facilitated a local community’s voice  and their affinity with nostalgia.
  • Afro Archives: A Performers World, focuses on hair, representation and the actor’s dilemma.


Artwork: P.D.  Casely-Hayford

creative collaboration

visual culture

Creative collaboration features three projects that involved creative practitioners who were interested in experimenting with their artistic process while working towards a common goal: not knowing, unknowing.


Project 24 Reboot: Two artists, an Indigenous Australian and an African-Australian start up a conversation expressed through a series of their creative works.


Red Hat: Playback theatre & experimental film-work merges on stage. This merging of film and playback theatre created a groundbreaking performance process.


Everywhere that Mary Went: Impro-Goth: What happens when film improvisation meets urban gothic drama?

What is Visual Culture? This critical theory investigates the ways in which we create and interpret artistic expressions. The term evokes us to consider the influences and politics of culture as we interrogate the voice that directs our gaze, our listening, and meaning.


Visual culture theory invites us to investigate the ways in which people, places, and culture are represented in creative works. Let’s ask the question. Art for whose sake?


Here are some experimental films that were screened at International Film Festivals and showcased at exhibitions. These works explore visual culture, Othering, cultural representations and the re-imagining legacy.

articles & blogs

what’s next

We are slowly building a series of articles and blogs. This repository will focus on creative community outreach projects, visual culture, creative process, the artistic intersections created by transnationalism,  diaspora creativity, representation and legacy, and voice, and the creative experiences of our contributors in the field.

A far fetched children’s story will be available in print, digital and audio formats. Also, the classic Project 24 project will be rebooted soon. Plus, a series of experimental films and soundscapes inspired by selected poems. And, a new experimental play. Finally, a series of creative community outreach projects. All in Africa time .…




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