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When Freedom Kissed Her

“she broke through walls.”

when freedom kissed her book coverWhen freedom kissed her... she broke through walls. These are the first lines of a poem by P.D. Casely Hayford, and the title of the book of poems. This is a collection of previously published poems, as well as new works, and poems which "have been resting on the shelves for years".

This collection features poems exploring the edges of urban life, African dreaming, and the intensity of relationships. The poetry book is divided into four sections. The first section, "All is Quiet on the Urban Front", explores the underlying tension experienced by people living on the edge of society. The next section, "Homage to Dreaming Home", are poems about journeys "home" to Ghana, West Africa. These respond to the places of Ancestry.

"Love for Reel", is the the third section of the collection. These poems scratch light into darker side of loving. The final section of the book, "B-side Poetry", throws the judge out the room by including an eclectic collection of previously published and shelved works.

Permission to this reproduce image; Courtesy P.D. Casely-Hayford. Intellectual property rights of images remain with P.D. Casely-Hayford

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book cover gladys casely hayford biography an african treasure galdys casely hayford Author, Yema Lucilda Hunter was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa and now lives in Ghana, West Africa. Her novels include, Road to Freedom, Bittersweet and Redemption Song. Her new book is a biography, " An African Treasure, in Search of Gladys Casely-Hayford, 1904 - 1950."


jembe the journey home book cover Jembe, the Journey Home is the first novel in the Kembrekki Trilogy by P.D. Casely-Hayford, which follows the journey of the Ancestors, and their influences over their descendents. The first book explores how identity is changed when people adopt new cultures, and the subsequent challenges that occur when traditional cultures and beliefs are re-visited.


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