The creative process takes time. We explore ideas and develop their responses while experimenting with techniques to realise the work.  At the same time,  we attempt develop a pleasing design or aesthetic to encourage people to engage with their work. Completing independent projects requires technical skill, artistic application,  conscientiousness, dedication, discipline, and motivation.  


P. D. Casely-Hayford


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emerging projects: cultural animation, film & text

New projects include three new cultural animation projects that are due for completing  by early 2019.  Writing projects include new creative works and short articles that continue to explore the complexities of cultural representations, and creative practice. There is also a film-script that has been completed and we are hoping to find interested film producers to help realise the vision of that project. Larger projects need teams of people who are conscientious, focused, and dedicated to outcomes. Unfortunately those resources and people are unavailable to us.  If you can help with in-kind services or funding, please contact us.

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An independent feature length cultural animation based on an original children’s story; ESCAPE FROM THE EVER PRESENT: THE IMAGININGS OF CHACHAURA & KOBIJUMBAH. This is an ambitious project that will rely on working with like-minded creatives and technicians, seeking and securing funding, and finally producing and distributing the production. 


If you have skills and experience in animation and film production or would like to sponsor and support the project, we welcome authentic enquiries.

The vision is to bring together animators and filmmakers from around the planet to work on an independent project with a narrative that encourages and embraces peaceful resolutions and conscious living.

Please bookmark this page  for updates on crowdfunding and project progression.

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